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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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live, from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news the gunshots and chaos caught on camera from inside a gentleman's club. the shooting killing one person and injuring 8 others. new evidence could help police. a 6-year-old to the ground, covered her mouth and assaulted her inside a mall bathroom. we're finding out what that little girl did to try to get to safety. thank you so much for joining us. i'm sarina fazan. >> and i'm john sabol.
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showing what happened leading up to that event. this is brand new video surfacing from inside club rain as a deadly shooting unfolds. those gunshots you just heard fired around 2:00 a.m. one person died. 7 others suffering from gunshot wounds. this video coming from little marvin on the social media tool per scope. police tell us they think hundreds were at the gentingmen's club -- gentle minnesota's club. we are learning the names of the 8 victims, the youngest 17 years old. the rest of the victims in 20s and 30s. the injuries range from minor to very serious. the 8th person who died has just been identified as 21-year- old marvin lancaster iii of brandon. police are still trying to
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shooting. as far as the suspects, several leads. if you know anything, you are urged to call tampa police. crime stoppers is offering a $300,000 reward for information that -- 300-dollar reward for arrest. and we have of course will continue to stay on top of that story as it develops. >> and meanwhile meteorologist bill logan is keeping on top of rainy and wet. tomorrow. it's going to get cold tonight. the winds are going to turn cold and it is really going to get brisk outside. let's go ahead and take a look at the current weather radar right now. socked in. that 30% chance of showers we were talking about this morning came into fruition and we have right now. temperatures. 57 in valrico.
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very mild with this light rain that has been off and on pretty much all day. by tomorrow, these are going to be basically your highs. and we're going to stay cool right through the workweek as well. i've got more on that action weather forecast coming up in just moments, including what folks have been waiting for who want that boots and sweater weather. i'll have more on that. less than 15 minutes away. another big story we are following right now. clear water police are asking for your help tonight to find this man. >> he's a suspect in an attack of a little girl. abc action news reporter, live in clear water, to explain what happened and a warning to all parents. >> reporter: scary stuff indeed. police say that 6-year-old little girl was attacked. she went inside the women's restroom at the store. her dad standing nearby.
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open the door and pushed that little girl to the floor, then tried to cover her mouth. but the girl did the right thing and screamed for help. the suspect taking off and caught on surveillance video leaving the restroom area. parents say for them it reinforces the importance of teaching all kids about stranger danger. >> don't trust anybody. and that's, you know, they say something, that safe word or whatever, but it's definitely very scary. >> now, thankfully in this incident, that little girl not hurt, but police are still trying to find this man and say that he actually made two women take a close look at this video, this just coming into our newsroom moments ago of those two women that were coming up, showing that those there. if you know anything about any of those three individuals, report it to clear water police, and we have all of those photos on our facebook
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go over and hit share and get a closer look as well. action news. check this out. new video into our abc action news room this evening. after catch catch spotted -- abc action news spotted this ford f150 on fire. it happened after 11:00 a.m. in front of a thrift store in north armenia. we reached out to florida highway patrol to find out what happened. we're not sure how it started but they say they were able to extinguish the fire quickly, and thankfully no one was injured. well, the count down to the new hampshire primary is on, and candidates are spending the weekend on the ground looking for votes. >> the gop it's also debate night hours away here on abc. our own marcy gonzalez is in manchester with a look at what to expect. >> reporter: the stage is set for a slug fest.
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candidates out stumping today. this country. >> reporter: facing off for the last time before the new hampshire primary. >> on that stage tonight, you're going to see a difference. difference between those who are prepared to be and those talk. >> reporter: the latest polling showing donald trump with a 19- point lead going into the debate followed by marco rubio. the target on his back getting bugler he's willing to break his word to the voters. >> reporter: ted cruz sportiest out hoping he can push ahead for a repeat of iowa. >> if it's one vote, it's worth it. >> reporter: on the democrat's side, hillary clinton going door to door, too. >> i need your help on tuesday, and convince some others to come along. >> reporter: fighting for momentum as she leads bernie sanders in the latest national poll by 2 points and is behind by double digits in the granite state.
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vote on i'm, i am confident we're going to win. >> reporter: the republicans hopeful that success in tonight's debate will translate to votes here on tuesday. marcy gonzalez, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. 7 other republican candidates will face off tonight in new hampshire. you can see the debate right here on abc action news at 8:00. >> and now to an abc action news update, one year ago these flames ripped through and destroyed a tampa church. an electrical problem sparking the fire that lasted several hours. generations of memories burned to the ground. today the devastation is turning into a celebration as the congregation gathers for the grand opening at the new place of worship. abc action news went to the dedication service this morning at the new location in temple terrace.
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one of the church's lead pastors calling for the love, unity, and since that tragedy, a miracle. >> it's unreal that we would be here at this time and this kind of time, just one year. >> tomorrow there will be a memorial ceremony at the old church site at 9:00 a.m., then a motorcade to the new site for a super sunday celebration service at 10:45:00 a.m. and still ahead on abc action news, taking to the streets, dozens protest a major transportation project, how they say the plan could affect thousands in the bay area.
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dozens of residents protesting a major transportation projects in their neighborhood. >> it's called the tbs project, a plan that aims to ease congestion on i-275. many feel it will actually devastate parts of tampa. >> jake peterson shows us how a hundred homes and businesses could be impacted. >> reporter: the protest started here on franklin street because protesters say if the project moves forward, the building will be demolished. in its place would be this multibillion dollar interstate system with express lanes. the goal, to cut commute times. these people say at what price. >> it is a tremendous waste of money, and it would be devastating to our community. >> reporter: organning this march -- hoping the symbol -- we are wearing yellow crime scene tape between us, showing what a crime this would be to the community.
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>> reporter: michelle cookson says she's all for ways of improving transportation but this project does not get her vote. she wants city leaders to consider other alternatives. >> we know we want to improve funding for our bus system. we would like to see some of the streets we have since you need to maintain them anyways be redesigned and make them more safe for pedestrians and cyclists. it's not about shoving more cars and widening highways. >> reporter: it will impact neighborhoods and group members say they will make their voices heard until the next public meeting on this issue in june. >> we're going to do these marchs every month. we're going to focus on a neighborhood that's going to be destroyed. >> reporter: showing opposition one step at a time. abc action news. still to come, at risk, hundreds of fish dead. the culprit causing the loss of water life along florida beaches. plus, could this be the night we find out if tony dungy and john lynch head to the hall
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and why the bolts have been nearly unstoppable lately.
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we have a new alert this evening for anyone headed to the beach.
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thick patch of red tide likely causinged the death of hundreds of fish that washed ashore on beaches near the border of sarasota county. dense algae is expected to show up in the waters of sarasota, and manatee. an effort to find areas where the zika virus may be present. workers will be testing 24 traps on monday. this comes as we learn st. johns and osceola counties joined the growing areas report travel related cases of zika. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. and we have heard that heat can actually fuel the virus, but bill, this weekend you're saying we don't have to worry about that. >> we're not going to have to worry about the heat for quite a bit. after today's rains go around, make sure you dump the potted
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while. the heat is out of here. we're not going to see 70 for quite a while. it's definitely going to get chilly outside. beach camera. not a great day at all. we're seeing gray skies where you have seen the rain off and on all day. it wasn't a wash out but it was a really messy day all in all. the rain is still with us, but wait until you see how chilly it's going to get. taking a look at heavier storms right now moving through the englewood area, and the bend in i-75 toward fort meade. heavier embedded storms now, and all hugging the i-4 corridor to the other side of the state. we saw these storms bloom and just really kind of hang in there after that frontal system that had stalled off to our
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so it wasn't really a raw day. we are seeing pretty much gray and oogy conditions, if you will, 53 in tampa, and clear water. st. petersburg has 65. everybody seeing rain right now in the gauge. winds out of the north, northwest at anywhere between 07 and 13 miles per hour. it did get warm pretty much all across the state of florida as that front lifted back off to our north, and that area of low pressure developed along it. still seeing some cooler weather off to the north, but not terribly chilly at all as temperatures remain in the 50s. here's what i'm talking about. this front lifted back, an area of low pressure helping to develop a lot of that rain today, and it just kind of hung in there. we're right now under it. as future cast shows, we are going to clear this up. i'm going to do bill murray
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conditions break in tonight, and we will get cooler, almost raw by the time you kick back the covers tomorrow morning. 49 in tampa. st. petersburg and seminole will be at 52. lower 40s up into the northern neighborhoods and we will see temperatures around 50 degrees, closer to the water, but it is going to be cool on sunday morning, and it will stay cool over the next several days. the rain's going to be ending tonight. folks heading across over to the meadow munching monster trucks at raymond james stadium. we'll see a lot of mud getting slung around, but the showers should be ending and we work into a chilly start off temperature 49-degree on monday morning. a small craft advisory for boaters, winds brisk, 6 to 8- foot seas chop by. low tide at 7:42 in the morning after a high tide just after midnight, and the sun will rise at 7:14. here's a look at florida's most
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you'll see the windy conditions pretty much holding on through the beginning of the workweek. maybe a slim 20% chance of showers on tuesday, and then we try and warm up to 70 by the end of the week. super bowl 50 will surely prove us with a lot of excitement tomorrow night. for the tampa bay buccaneers family, they could receive a triple dose of excitement tonight in the 5th annual nfl honors award show. jameis winston was voted the 2015 pepsi winner o. year earlier this morning -- of the year earlier this morning. the ap rookie will come tonight. jameis winston will find out if he's the nfl rookie of the year, going against rams running back todd gurly. the nfl awards show kicks off at 9:00. winston isn't the only
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dungy, and john lynch may be new members of the pro football hall of fame. the five member, 2016 hall of fame class will be announced later tonight. dungy and lynch are among 15 finalists, joining the likes of brett favre, and curt warner. there will be a new quarterback in the reigns, first will greer transferred and trent harris may be switching positions. word out of gainesville, harris will line up adds wide receiver next year, and for the first time you may see harris at wide out in the spring game. the gators have not confirmed this. we'll have a better idea on harris' situation once spring camp opens. the junior struggled last year under center once will greer was suspended. the lightning continue to be one of the hottest teams in the nhl. they defeated pittsburgh last night, marking the 10th win in the last eleven games. so much for the struggling like offense we saw earlier in the season. the bulls have scored three or more goals in 8 of the last
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one of the reasons why for the reenergizeed lightning. the now healthy tyler johnson had a great game with a goal and two assists. they can score with anyone no matter what line is on the ice. >> whether it's johnny's line, johnny's really found his stride here the last little bit, and now we're trying to get a little bit more of a balanced attack. killing penalties and doing what they have to do for us. >> had a pretty good comfort level when you control any line over the boards and pretty positive, you know, pretty confident something positive is going to happen. >> to hoops now, gators trying to win in lexington for the fourth time ever. this game just ended. kentucky pounded the gators 80- 61. highlights at eleven.
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mayes strong to the rack, florida state up 48-44 in the second. then later, devin booker to the alley. their lead is nine, go onto win by 20. 91-71 over the deacons. stay tuned.
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all right, gay guys, the -- guys, the rain will end. then it's getting colder. beware of the chill. >> at least we can break out the winter fashion. >> sweaters, boot, you got it. the news continues on >> thanks for watching, we'll
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